Kevin Safe

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1983 - 1988. Salisbury College of Art. Diploma in Graphic Design.

Artist's Statement

Kevin Safe - Portrait

In 2002 I returned home to Wiltshire after spending almost ten years in Cornwall, living, working and soaking up the Cornish lifestyle and developing my artistic style. It was once I had returned home and back to my roots that my mind began to see the creative possibilities within my paintings. I found myself very deeply inspired by the vast fields, trees, expansive landscapes and architecture throughout Wiltshire and Somerset.

I’m seeking to create timeless, narrative paintings that are not only contemporary but vivid in colour, texture and form. My paintings are influenced by memories as well as distinctive feelings of places familiar and frequently visited. I’ve drawn inspiration from the work of many other artists, most notably, Francis Bacon, Gustav Klimt and the Cornish artist, Alfred Walis.