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Red Evening by Paul Rudall

Red Evening
Fine Art Print by Paul Rudall
Printed by Tabretts Fine Art Ltd

We are pleased to provide a full reproduction and printing service for artists who wish to manage the marketing of their prints themselves.

We are able to produce prints to any specified size up to a maximum of 72in x 42in (183cm x 107cm). Pricing is based on an initial origination/proofing fee plus a cost per print varying by size and paper type with discounts for larger quantities.

Our recommended paper is 308gsm Photorag, a suberb paper with a quality look and feel. We also use 310gsm German Etching paper and can print on canvas (typically 340gsm 100% Cotton Canvas) producing outstanding artworks.

For further information, including prices, please contact us:


Telephone: 01225 331247

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